Transaction Flow

A better, modern, transparent way to close!

Save time when you share your Reti360 transaction portal with everyone involved in the process

  • Digital experience for offer-through-closing
  • Real time status updates and document sharing
  • Less communications
  • Mobile / Web access
  • Easy setup
  • 9 out of 10 clients invited by agents join and stay updated

Solve Inefficiency with Transparency

Increase the certainty of closing with your clients and team knowing:

  • What needs to be done
  • Who’s responsible
  • When it’s due
  • Whether it’s done

Get automatic alerts when something is done (green) and when something needs attention (yellow and red).

Save up to 40% of your time during the transaction with transparency for all transaction participants in your portal.

Close more deals with those new-found hours while providing your clients a modern digital solution (or, take up a hobby!).

Benefit with a Shared Workflow

Connect everyone involved in your purchase and sale in the same portal, so there’s no confusion on key performance dates or who’s doing what.

Portal access to TCs, your clients, and service providers. Always know where your team is with closing tasks.

Get accountability, when you’re ready to add the cooperating side of the deal, you’ll know if the other side is keeping pace.

Avoid redundancy of requests for status updates and repeated document sharing

Stay in the know and in charge.

“I love spending lots of time to set up software”

– Said nobody we’ve ever met!

“I want to do all the administrative follow up myself”

– Said no agent, ever!

Automate Introductions and Compliance

Connect your clients to your team, including a TC, and introduce your trusted service providers.

Add a TC and Service Providers to your team or network, or view our marketplace to fill a gap.

Integrate with Dotloop for brokerage compliance related to contract signing and closing. Reti360 is the out-of-the-box tool to organize, track, and share everything in between contract signing and closing compliance.

Get Started in Just Minutes

Pre-configured workflows for typical transaction steps.

Easy to customize because we know your process is unique.

Add additional checklists for other key events – we’ve got you covered.

Your process is quick and easy to build on Reti360.

See how Reti360 is helping agents get organized and work smarter

Quote Small
Reti360 gives me peace of mind. I can see the latest status and have all the information at my fingertips, 24/7. No more frantic searching through my text messages while I’m on the road.
Quote Small
Brokerages have systems, but they don’t train the ability to go to someone they don’t know and turn them into business. Sales expertise combined with the best suite of technology allows my agents to reduce internal work and sell more.

Everything You Need to Close More Deals

Reti360 is your contract-through-closing real estate transaction platform. Our features give you everything you need to keep the team on task, save time, and close more deals.



Educate your clients on the closing process while introducing your network of professionals to build a strong closing team.


Real-Time Task Tracking

Rely on our automated calendar to advise you, your clients, and their professionals of all deadlines and closings.


Communication Dashboard

Receive real-time notifications of deadlines, completed and overdue tasks, and messages from anyone involved in your transaction. Quickly share and access documents from your mobile device and desktop.


Secure Document Delivery

Reti360 categorizes and securely stores documents and sensitive information in one place for easy recall and sharing. Quickly share and access documents from your mobile device and desktop.


Integrated Team Messaging

Easily collaborate with your closing team and message them through our automated system. No need to search for a prior email chain and never forget to cc an important party.


Support from Industry Insiders

Reti360 is built by real estate professionals who understand how difficult the closing process can be, so we’ve created a support team that speaks your language.

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