Reti360 Case Study

Carl Azbell

Dallas Ft Worth, Texas

Carl has a long history of success leading brokerages of 150+ agents. At Metroplex his goal is to build agents into great leaders and team leads/brokers. Carl provides premium sales training that focuses on increasing the agent's ability to sell.

Brokerages have systems, but they don’t train the ability to go to someone they don’t know and turn them into business. Sales expertise combined with the best suite of technology allows my agents to reduce internal work and sell more.

Carl Azbell


Carl’s main goal was to find a modern platform that allowed his agents to focus on selling homes by reducing their time monitoring transactions.

Before using Reti360, he knew he needed a tool that quickly showed what to focus on for the week ahead and enable his agents to provide a great customer experience. Like many other Reit360 users, Carl tried several other platforms, but they weren’t uniquely suited for closings and failed to save his team time. The different platforms were either too clunky or lacked the details needed to prioritize the week’s transaction tasks. He wanted a quick visual tool that is easy to use.

Carl needed a tool that would educate agents to limit brokerage liability and cost-effectively scale to serve over 200 agents. Carl found other platforms’
pricing quickly outpaced their utility, and servicing over 200 agents became more expensive than his office rent.


Carl chose Reti360 because it connects the agent, title, service providers, and housing consumers to ensure his agents do not miss anything. He likes Ret360’s look and feel, and his agents find it easy to start and manage a transaction. There is no learning curve with Reti360, just a big button that starts a transaction with all of the transaction steps immediately present.



Transaction Review Process

Before Reti360 

  1. Log into Transaction Software
  2. Run a Report
  3. Look at Calendar
  4. Search for File
  5. Open File
  6. Review Documentation
  7. Look at Calendar again

After Reti360

  1. Log into Reti360
  2. One dashboard with all calendar, steps and documents in one place

Ten minutes per inquiry vs. 20 seconds

Vendor Selection Process

Before Reti360 

  1. Send it to customer
  2. Provide additional info
  3. Call vendor to ensure connection
  4. Follow up with vendor 2x
  5. Connect with vendor

After Reti360

  1. Set up trusted service providers
  2. Start a transaction

Connect upon invite vs. Days back and forth

Referral Program Details

Earn $10 Referral Credits every time you invite a…
  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Agent
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Service Provider
and they join Reti360. No limit on the amount of Referral Credits you can earn!

Free Upgrade

We’ve upgraded your Free Trial to include the Advanced features:

Define your own eMail Templates

Integrate with GMail

Integrate with Dotloop

Setup Transaction templates