Reti360 Case Study
Jay Alan Real Estate
David Brown

David Landon Brown

Central Florida – Daytona to Saint Pete

Team lead David Brown saves days off his average close, reduces emails by 60%, and sleeps better at night knowing his team will close on time.


It took David two days of back and forth effort to onboard service providers for a new transaction.   

David also had 16,000+ emails in his inbox!

Organizing emails & texts: David spent too much time coordinating one transaction, emailing the buyers, sellers, agents, service providers and keeping everything organized. Using primarily text and email it was impossible to search for important messaging. Even with all documents backed up for an audit – good luck finding it! With over 16,000+ emails it was time-consuming to respond to client requests and nearly impossible from the road.

Disconnected team: Working with the internal team to coordinate events and calendars feels like herding cats. Most deals took two days to get onboarding emails sent and the processes started. Over a two-day period everyone is invited and maintenance/updates last throughout the closing process.  

Amorphic process: Having to remember all tasks for every transaction is nerve-wracking. It took up unnecessary mental capacity and required David to keep the status and details of each transaction in his head, just in case someone reached out with a questio


Reduce random communication

All introduction emails with calendar dates are automatically sent to service providers and housing consumers via text and email. When past clients have requests he can now easily respond without tedious searching. Using Reti360’s mobile app saves time and allows David to effectively work out of the office.

Empower his closing team

His service providers now see the Reti360 invite, have the pertinent information at their fingertips, and can immediately connect with the client. As a result, his closing team does not need to chase down information and can immediately get their stuff done. This shortens each service provider onboarding process from days to hours.

Peace of mind

Now he goes to Reti360 every morning to review to-do list. All parties update important tasks and he knows what needs to be done. No more worrying what if a closing step is dropped.

Team benefits

Reti360 saves his team’s time. All agents focused on the core closing steps and streamlining their process.


Save Time

Seamlessly sync calendar dates. Find every document at your fingertips and react with facts while on the road.


Reduced Emails

Launch transaction team in

2 hours vs
2 days

prior to using Reti360

Quote Small

Reti360 gives me peace of mind. I can see the latest status and have all the information at my fingertips, 24/7. No more frantic searching through my text messages while I’m on the road.

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