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Close on time

Reti360 helps you and your closing team of agents and professionals know whether your side is tracking to close on time and if the other side is keeping pace!

Always know what to do

Your closing team is working hard for you, but we know the purchase and sale process can be overwhelming. Our workflows guide you to where you are in the closing process and what to do next. Reduce the stress, stay on track, and avoid costly delays.

Your 12 Steps

(Give or Take)
  • Your real estate agent and their team got you the best contract and will coninue the hard work to get you to closing.

  • With the transparency of our customizable workflows for typical transaction steps and their helpful checklists, you’ll get there with ease.

  • We provide you and the team with a modern closing journey on mobile and web.


Let’s Break it Down for You

We break down each task into easy to understand parts.

1st – Hire a Pro: There’s always a pro to help. We make it easy to check your agent’s network, see who serves your area, or hire your own.

2nd – Timing: Contracts have deadlines (e.g., deposit, inspection, mortgage) and pros need to be scheduled (e.g., inspector, appraiser, surveyor). Reti360 alerts you and your closing team when something needs attention (yellow and red) and when something is complete (green).

3rd – Documents: After your pros complete their tasks, access the supporting documents, without searching emails or making repeated requests.

4th – Status: When a step gets marked as green (don’t look again … it’s done). When all steps are green, you won’t have to guess you’re ready to close, you’ll know you are!

Solve Stress with Transparency

Increase the certainty of closing by knowing:

  • What needs to be done
  • Who’s responsible
  • When it’s due
  • Whether it’s done

Avoid closing delays, frustrations, and added closing expenses.

Get the Full Value of Your Team

Reti360 connects everyone involved in the purchase and sale of your home in the same portal

  • avoid confusion on key performance dates
  • easy status and document sharing
  • close on time and on budget

Transparent portal reduces follow up calls, emails, and texts. Don’t make your closing a full time job, get back to the one you have, or put your feet up, we’ve got you!

Everything You Need to Close More Deals

Reti360 is your contract-through-closing real estate transaction platform. Our features give you everything you need to keep the team on task, save time, and close more deals.



Educate your clients on the closing process while introducing your network of professionals to build a strong closing team.


Real-Time Task Tracking

Rely on our automated calendar to advise you, your clients, and their professionals of all deadlines and closings.


Communication Dashboard

Receive real-time notifications of deadlines, completed and overdue tasks, and messages from anyone involved in your transaction. Quickly share and access documents from your mobile device and desktop.


Secure Document Delivery

Reti360 categorizes and securely stores documents and sensitive information in one place for easy recall and sharing. Quickly share and access documents from your mobile device and desktop.


Integrated Team Messaging

Easily collaborate with your closing team and message them through our automated system. No need to search for a prior email chain and never forget to cc an important party.


Support from Industry Insiders

Reti360 is built by real estate professionals who understand how difficult the closing process can be, so we’ve created a support team that speaks your language.

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