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Why is closing on a home so complicated—even after an offer is accepted? With Reti360, it doesn’t have to be.

Reti360 digitizes real estate transactions from contract signing through closing to provide a better closing experience for all participants. The platform increases transparency and provides automated workflows for real estate agents, housing consumers, and their teams of service providers to save time, reduce expenses, and increase the certainty of every closing.

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Simplifying Real Estate Closings for Everyone

Real estate agents, housing consumers, and service providers, all use Reti360 to simplify their lives.

Real Estate Agents

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Modern Features for Seamless Closings

We integrate the entire closing team of agents, consumers, and professional service providers onto a single secure platform so everyone can:

Modernizing Real Estate Transactions

Our platform modernizes the transaction by connecting teams of agents, housing consumers, and service providers at every step of the process from initial contract signing through closing. Our integrated workflows, consolidated communications, document sharing, and transparent deadline tracking, will reduce the stress of buying and selling a home and allow the closing teams from both sides of the transaction to close better.

Reti360 Mission

Your Journey is Our Mission

Reti360’s mission is to simplify the historically fragmented and time consuming real estate closing process. Our automated real estate transaction platform reduces redundancies between the buyer, seller, agents, and their teams of service providers. This provides a streamlined and transparent closing journey for all participants on both sides of the home-buying and home-selling process. It’s time to close better.

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